“ I think that it is of great importance that a new generation of diplomats is educated and ready to represent Romania’s national interest on the international stage – and this process can and should start in high school. “

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“The idea of organizing such a conference as the 2Day Ambassador came as a natural follow up after Lauder Reut school decided on the introduction of diplomacy and international relations courses for high school students, eight years ago. It was a courageous decision taken by Lauder Reut, who embarked on this venture, on “unchartered waters”, offering their students a unique educational program: accredited studies in Diplomacy, International Relations, Business, Media, Communication, Negotiation Debate and Public Speaking. I am very proud to say that the Ministry of Foreign Affairs immediately recognized the importance of such a program and offered its partnership to Lauder Reut, a partnership that has grown and developed continuously over these eight years”.

 Professor Bogdan Aurescu, Minister of Stategic Affairs,

at the opening ceremony of the 3rdEdition of the Lauder Conference on Diplomacy & & Int’l Affairs, 2014